"Jerry Lanson is a talented writer and an even more talented writing teacher.
    This book will be invaluable to anyone who wants to apply time-tested techniques
     to 21st century storytelling."
-- Tom Kunkel, President, St. Norbert College, and former dean, 
College of Journalism at the University of Maryland

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coverI started my journalism career tied in knots each time
I sat down to write. Writing, I find, is still hard work, but 
there’s little I enjoy more. This year, I finished a book that 
shares the story of my writing struggles and includes tips 
on what I’ve done to overcome them – at least most of the time.
Good stories bridge boundaries. With a little guidance, we all 
can write them. It’s my hope that my latest book, Writing for
Others, Writing for Ourselves: Telling Stories in an Age of
Blogging can help provide that guidance. I’ve also provided 
links to my co-authored books and other examples of my work. 
I teach journalism at Emerson College in Boston, 
and you can reach me there at jerry_lanson@emerson.edu. 
So please look around. You’ll find links to a sample chapter; 
my other books; and blogs, articles and columns 
about subjects ranging from politics to travel.  
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